4K Friday: Go Behind the Scenes of a World Championship Drifting Event with Road to Gymkhana Grid

Happy 4K Friday!

  Road to Gymkhana Grid is a feature sports-action documentary following eight world-class drivers on the journey from their hometowns to Johannesburg, South Africa to compete in the world drifting championship event.  

  The Gymkhana Grid was created by Ken Block, a successful rally cross driver and a viral sensation through his drifting videos. To improve his racing skills, Ken designed a competition to give him more seat time. Based on the ancient art of gymkhana, where Mongolian soldiers would compete with horses on an obstacle course for the best time, Ken’s dream is to take car drifting to the next level.  



Gymkhana Grid Profiles Luke Woodham

  Drawing on drivers of all backgrounds, it is a ‘people’s gymkhana’ where the competitors battle to show off their skills on a complex course in both highly-tuned rally cars and production vehicles. Telling powerful emotional stories from a wide range of drivers, being the best on ‘Road to Gymkhana Grid’ requires sacrifice, intense mental discipline and a super-charged ambition to stand atop the podium. For some, like three-time grid champion Luke Woodham, the biggest hurdle is juggling their day jobs while racing competitively.  




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