7 Reasons Why The New Cable is a No Brainer

Just about everyone can relate to the common grievances and downright annoyances with cable providers. But what if there was an alternative?


Here's why you should make the switch to Layer3 TV: 

1. No Hidden Fees

Delivery fees, maintenance fees, service fees, broadcast TV fees, rental fees, just because they feel like it fees, and fees on fees. Whichever way the other guys spin it in their bills, you won’t see them with Layer3 TV.

2. Exceptional Customer Service

Layer3 TV skips the old cable interactions you’re used to and gets straight to treating you right. Don’t have time to schedule an install? Choosing easy self-install could qualify you for $100 in credits. Hate listening to hold music? Connect with our care team through social media, chat or by text whenever is convenient for you.

3. Unmatched Picture Quality

Here’s a secret all other video and TV providers don’t want you knowing. They limit the quality of your video. Yes, even the HD you’re paying extra for is limited. Why anyone would hold back the power of Game of Thrones® is beyond us. (Want more? Read about our allHD here.)

4. Massive DVR Storage

The DVR is a magical invention — beating the pants off cassette tapes. And a DVR that’s almost impossible to fill is never a bad thing with 400+ HD hours of local storage and the ability to record 8 at once. Never fight over recordings again. (Want more? Read about our DVR here.)

5. Larger-Than-Life 4K

Unleash the power of your 4K TV with something to actually watch in 4K. Every Layer3 TV Set-Top Box is capable of 4K, yep, even the smaller, wireless Lite Boxes. Get your 4K on with live broadcasts and video On Demand.

6. Personalized Home Screens for Every User

Layer3 TV learns from you and organizes your favorite shows and movies on your home screen. So, you can spend less time searching and more time watching — because the first 20 minutes of the movie (you would have missed scrolling through the guide) are crucial to the plot.

7. No Annual Contracts

Finally, the one we all hate. Long-term contracts may be how ‘they’ lock you in with a lower rate. But not Layer3 TV. We get it, life happens. That’s why you’re in control.


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