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How did we ever live without app stores? Seriously, if you want something to be easier, more convenient or better organized, there’s probably an app that can help.

That’s why Layer3 TV continues to integrate new apps all the time so that you can access and discover more favorites. Get unlimited music with iHeart Radio and Pandora and viral YouTube videos without ever having to change inputs, pick up a different remote or another device entirely. 


Side Note: all of these apps are included with every subscription at no extra cost.

Here are some of the latest apps available on Layer3 TV


Can’t find anything to watch? Check out XUMO’s 100+ channels of LIVE and On Demand streaming entertainment — you’re pretty much guaranteed to find something.


Stop crowding around a small phone screen to show everyone that funny YouTube video. Play it on the biggest TV you’ve got for everyone to see without having to blast your tiny phone speaker. 


Get unlimited access to your favorite songs and artists, and listen to live radio stations from across the country with iHeartRadio. So no matter how far you’ve moved from home, listen to your favorite morning show with your coffee from the best sound bar in the house.


Stream your go-to Pandora station from any room. Jump right from watching a show with the kids to playing music while they unwind for bed.


In the mood to shop? Don’t reach for your laptop or grab your car keys — flip over to HSN Shop by Remote* to get whatever you want with just a few clicks of your remote.


Want the best part?

With new Layer3 TV app integrations, we’ll continue to seamlessly bridge the gap between platforms and bring the best features right to our Set-Top Boxes — making life just a little bit easier. 

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*US patent Nos. 7,752,083, 7,756,758, 9,117,234, and 8,768,781|PR4386

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