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Where Curiosity Meets Knowledge 

Whether you want to explore Mars, travel back in time to when dinosaurs ruled the planet, or discover the secrets behind the science of nutrition, CuriosityStream adds new binge-worthy shows each week — empowering you to dive deep into your interests and explore new territory in science, tech, history, nature, health and more.

Experience 1,500+ documentaries with 4K content coming soon from some of the world's best filmmakers on the CuriosityStream app. Here are just a few highlights.



Join world-renowned astrophysicist Stephen Hawking on a voyage through the cosmos. Regarded as one of the most brilliant minds of our time, Hawking takes a once-in-a-lifetime personal journey through space and time as he explores the wonders of the Universe in this Emmy Award-winning CuriosityStream original film.




Travel back in time to three of the most powerful extinction periods in history, wiping out nearly all life on Earth. In this 3-part original series, see the extraordinary creatures that dominated land, air and sea, and the few that survived to bring rise to life as we know it today.




For centuries, we could only marvel at the mystery of bioluminescence – how animals produce a light of their own. In this Emmy-nominated original film, join the legendary Sir David Attenborough, as he and a team of researchers venture into the darkness, with high tech cameras so sensitive, they reveal startling and stunning discoveries that until now, we could not see.




These are the creatures of deep space – Voyager, Cassini, New Horizons and more. They’re out there, all alone, doing their jobs longer than ever imagined. These are the stories of a lonely blue marble, sending intrepid machines to places no human can yet go... sending back new answers to cosmic questions.



CuriosityStream’s original 3-part series Deep Time History forces us to think about the past in a whole new way – looking at key moments that shaped the stories we thought we knew, tracing the origins of those stories all the way back to the formation of our planet, our solar system, even the Universe itself.




The The Celts' tribal homelands once ranged from Spain, England and France to Slovenia and Anatolia. In this 3-part series, discover the Celts full story from their origins in the Alps of Central Europe to their last stand against the Roman Army.


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