NEWSMAX TV Is Now Available on Layer3 TV

NEWSMAX TV Available 24/7

Delivering breaking news and analysis on the latest topics, NEWSMAX TV includes exclusive interviews with high-profile talent and contributors from across the political spectrum. Guests include Bill O’Reilly, Dr. Ben Carson, Ben Stein, Alan Dershowitz, Dick Morris, Dr. Oz, and many other diverse voices. 


Newsmax TV gives viewers the opportunity to engage in the shows via call-ins, Skype and social media video, and live chat feeds. The channel also provides compelling health, finance, and lifestyle segments, as well as news documentaries on nights and weekends.

CH 152

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Service not available in some areas. Service and equipment pricing subject to change. Taxes, fees, & surcharges additional. Credit or debit card required. Connectivity required. Compatible TV/device required. See Terms and Conditions (including arbitration provision) at for additional information. ©2018 Layer3 TV, Inc.

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