Not only is Layer3 TV’s DVR Bigger, It’s free

Layer3 TV comes standard with a whole home DVR that records eight shows at once with 400+ HD hours (that's 1TB) of local data storage. But what exactly does that mean? Let’s do some math. Hang in there — we’ll make this quick.

Let’s say you’re a huge Game of Thrones® fan, you watch Friends® on repeat (who doesn’t?) and you never miss Fixer Upper®. If you recorded every Game of Thrones® episode (that’s 60 one hour episodes + the 7 set to air this summer), then you recorded all 236 thirty-minute episodes of Friends®, and the last season of Fixer Upper® (17 one-hour) episodes…. and for grins, let’s throw in six (average-length) HD movies. Add all of those together, transfer the zeros, carry the ones and you’ve still only used around 37% of your DVR.

All of that and only 37%! AND that’s just for one person, think of the household potential —everyone gets space! Plus, you can keep those recordings forever — unlike other cloud storage options like PlayStation Vue, which will only save them for 28 days. You never have to worry about turning on your TV to find that your go-to movie is gone because it’s been stored for more than a year. Check out the stats on other DVR services to compare:

DVR-Features copy-5.jpg

Plus, it's easier than ever to record all your favorites, no matter if you're home or away from your customer care portal.  


Bring Home Massive DVR Storage


Data collected on 7/20/17. Based on comparable DVR services. Amounts may vary by region or promotion. Not including taxes and state-specific surcharges.

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