T-Mobile Announces the Acquisition of Layer3 TV

To all of our customers,

Nearly five years ago, a few disgruntled cable executives and friends came together to try and revolutionize an industry. We believed that an entertainment experience could be built around the customer. We knew Americans loved ­­­television, but it came at a cost ­— they had to deal with the cable companies.

When we launched Layer3 TV, we became the first new cable company in over a decade. We broke ground in your living room with a friendly user experience and state-of-the-art designed set-top box. We delivered the best picture quality in the industry including some of the first ever 4K content. We integrated YouTube, Pandora and other apps so you could watch, or listen, to what you wanted as easily as watching ESPN. We thought about the “internet of things” and allowed you to talk to your TV using Alexa and Google Voice. But most of all, we aimed to delight and entertain YOU.

Taking on big cable with its billions in revenue and decades-long unfriendly practices such as exploding bundles, long-term contracts and cable boxes filled with cobwebs hasn’t been easy. We have had our growing pains for sure, but we continue to strive to be the very best, and way better than old cable ­— our decision to launch this new chapter is born from that vision. 

Today marks a continuation of our journey. Layer3 TV has signed a definitive agreement to join the T-Mobile family. The Un-Carrier shares a similar mission towards disruption in the name of the customer, and they have fought successfully to innovate the wireless industry.  We couldn’t be more thrilled about our plan to join their team and be part of a company who says, “WE WON’T STOP”.

We could not have done any of this without you, our customers who believed in us from the start. You used our service, provided us with feedback, and recommended us to friends.  We continue to spend every waking minute working to make our product better, so you can have a television experience that makes you the envy of the neighborhood. We can’t say enough about how much we appreciate your loyalty — it means the world to us. The entire Layer3 TV family is grateful to have you as a customer. We aren’t going anywhere and will continue with our mission to build a great TV experience for you. We have a long way to go because it’s clear: we absolutely love our TV. We all want to watch our shows wherever we are and on whatever devices we choose. That’s what makes our plan to join the T-Mobile team so exciting; together, we’re going to ditch everything you hate about cable and make everything you love about TV better.

You can read more about the deal here: https://newsroom.t-mobile.com/news-and-blogs/tmobile-uncarrier-tv.htm

Again, thank you for your support.

Jeff Binder

CEO, Layer3 TV

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