Why is allHD Better?

allHD™ comes standard with every Layer3 TV video package. That’s cool, but why is allHD™ critical for a modern entertainment experience?

Short Answer: a standard Platinum package with Layer3 TV has 200+ HD channels and no annoying duplicate SD channels. If a channel is in SD, this is only because an HD option is not currently available from the programmer. In other words, if a channel is available in HD, it's always delivered to our customers in HD — all at no extra cost.  

But you may still be thinking… other providers carry HD too, what’s the difference? Not carrying duplicate SD channels whenever possible isn’t the only thing that makes our video stand out. After all, there’s a reason our outstanding picture quality is consistently touted by our customers. 


What makes our ‘industry-leading picture quality’ so unique?

A state-of-the-art compression technology. By using this compression, we can deliver a higher-quality viewing experience with minimal impact on your home's network connection all while conserving DVR space (read more here). 

Also, while most providers push the entire channel lineup to your box at once, we ONLY deliver the video streams that you’re watching and/or recording — because all those channels you’re not accessing shouldn’t negatively impact your video experience.

In short, long gone are the analog, SD or HD days. It’s allHD™, all the time. P.S. and 4K too!

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